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A value-adding partner for development of Hotel Real-Estate

Fundamental to Hotelia is our passion for helping others succeed. Whether it is customers, colleagues, or partners, we work together to ensure success. The founders, Anders Vatne and Geir Lundkvist, established Hotelia in 2012 after having previously collaborated on several projects. Hotelia have since delivered numerous feasibility studies, tenant searches, valuations, along with other industry related services. Hotelia received its broker-license in 2014, enabling us to sell commercial real estate, and have since carried out several transactions, as well as offering acquisition counselling.

Hotelia have clients with a primary portfolio of real estate companies established in, or considering entering, the hotel industry. In addition, we assist standalone hotels and hospitality businesses with strategic consulting.

Key Qualifications

  • Unique market insights and commercial knowledge
  • Comprehensive experience from hotel operations and multi-property management
  • Contract and business model review and development
  • Project development of existing and new hotel real estate and operations
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